I’m so eager to finish my story— get that written novel part done and start immediately on my illustrated comic series for it. I think about it literally every day of my life. But two things have held me back a) not having enough time to spend working on it, and b) its never been 100% finished.

I’ve been writing this thing since I was about about thirteen years old, and more recently, seriously writing it over the past five years. As anxious as I am to just FINISH it, I’ve never been happy with it and the time I’ve spent not working on it has left room for SO much development. I think of new ideas every single day. It gets better with each new idea and each new improvement. This has been a life long project and its no where near what it was several years ago.

In the long run, the part of me that’s been patient about it, the part that’s been waiting for the ideas to strike— that part of me knows there’s no way I could’ve have written the material I have now all those year ago. This has become something amazing. It may not ever be as important to anyone else as it is to me as a personal project, and hey, it may not even be that great once I’m finished. But I’m super proud and incredibly excited for what this will be when I am finally done.

I’ve had a run of amazing developments over the past few days for a few of my characters and their histories and regarding continuity.

I can’t actually explain how much it makes my heart race :)

PS- Thank you to everyone who is/has ever been interested in my original work! I know I’ve spared more details than drawings but I’ll get around to it in time! I promise <3

Hmm, its not an easy answer. But I think I’d have to say that Amon/Noatak’s downfall was the most tragic being that he (and Tarrlok) had such a tortured past. I did feel a bit betrayed finding out that Amon was a fraud (there was room for so much more there), but the down fall, in the end, was heartbreaking to me after knowing what he (and his brother) had been through and how it all kind of… quite literally went out with a bang.

But I also want to add that Zaheer’s losses were pretty tragic as well. Although they/The Red Lotus were taking the role of ‘villains’, their group was so humanized and I think that was really important.

Personally I’d have to say the answer is yes, because of the history they touch down on and the past ties to characters from the first series. You might end up lost when they bring up certain things in the show. But Avatar: The Last Airbender is also well worth the watch in my opinion. Personally I also feel that up until the recent Book/Series 3 of Korra, the two prior seasons paled in comparison to the original series, and Book 3 of Korra is on par with Book 3 of AtLA which was phenomenal. There are great things about all of them though. AtLA and LoK, I can easily say, are one of my favorite things in the world.

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